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Rockin Round Up


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Sabrina Price



  • Again Tonight
  • Ain’t Even Done With the Night
  • Authority Song
  • Check it Out
  • Cherry Bomb
  • China Girl
  • Crazy Ones
  • Crumblin Down
  • Danger Zone
  • Get a Leg Up
  • Hand to Hold On To
  • Hotdogs and Hamburgers
  • Hurt So Good
  • I Ain’t Ever Satisfied
  • I Need a Lover
  • Jack and Diane
  • Justice and Independence 85
  • Lonley Ol Night
  • Melting Pot
  • Minutes to Memories
  • Now More Than Ever
  • Paper in Fire
  • Pink Houses
  • Play Guitar
  • Rain on the Scarecrow
  • ROCK in the USA
  • Rumbleseat
  • Serious Business
  • Small Town
  • The American
  • Warmer Place to Sleep
  • Wild Night


Cherry Bomb is a John Mellencamp tribute band that has been playing together since 2015. Their energetic performances are live reproductions of many of John Mellencamp’s hits, including “Pink Houses”, “Jack and Diane”, and “Hurts So Good”. The band, based out of Camarillo, CA features seven talented musicians who are dedicated to providing an authentic sound that delights Mellencamp fans. The band has a great time performing, which makes their shows especially enjoyable for audience members

Dave Sirott – Lead Vocals
Dave Sirott – Lead Vocals
Sabrina Lagos – Vocals/Percussion
Sabrina Lagos – Vocals
Martin Marino – Bass/ Vocals
Chuck Maiden – Guitar/Vocals
Saul Velasco - Drums
John Perry – Drums
Paul Marr - Guitar
Randy Volin – Guitar
Billy Stewart - Guitar
John Marossy – Bass Guitar
Matt Grindstaff – Keyboard
Matt Grindstaff – Keyboard